Lemon Cheese Strudel Sensations Turnover

Our individually wrapped Lemon Cheese Strudel Turnover combine delicious lemony flavor with the great taste of cream cheese! Strudel Sensations are made up of flakey strudel dough with so much premium filling that the other Turnovers out there might get a little green.

About This Product Family

We named 'em Sensations for a reason... Individually Wrapped Strudel Sensations take Turnovers to a whole new level. Strudel Sensations offer exceptional amounts of premium filling and an oh-so-flakey crust with sweet icing for sensational flavor balance. Available in five delicious flavors including Apple & Maple, Cherry Cheese, Lemon Cheese, Strawberry Cheese, and Cinnamon Overload. They're Stru-delicious!