Strawberry Cheese Strudel Sensations Turnover

We’ve done the strawberry picking for you… Our individually wrapped Strawberry Cheese Strudel Turnover combine delicious strawberries with the great taste of cream cheese―creating a sensational kick start to anyone’s day. Strudel Sensations are made up of flakey strudel dough with so much premium filling that the other Turnovers out there might get a little green.

About This Product Family

We named 'em Sensations for a reason... Individually Wrapped Strudel Sensations take Turnovers to a whole new level. Strudel Sensations offer exceptional amounts of premium filling and an oh-so-flakey crust with sweet icing for sensational flavor balance. Available in five delicious flavors including Apple & Maple, Cherry Cheese, Blueberry Cheese, and Strawberry Cheese. They're Stru-delicious!