Merchandisers Designed with You in Mind (and they’re FREE*)

Convenience Store Merchandise Ideas

Smart Merchandising… We have some of the smartest, space-conscious, most attractive and simple to execute bakery merchandisers! Check out our Slant-Back Cookie Racks, which take up only 3.5 inches of counter space, our basket countertop and floor rack models, or our Acrylic Bakery Cases for beautiful bulk displays. Cookie Warmers are perfect for warm and delicious bulk cookies all day long. We have everything you need!

The Slant Back Cookie Racks

Our Slant-Back Cookie racks slant the cookies up toward the customer and stacks them in a way that provides easy access. We understand that counter top space is at a premium. That’s why the Slant Back’s width is less than that of a business card (3.5 inches wide). Stores that keep it full and fresh report that the Prairie City Bakery Slant-Back Cookie Rack makes the Prairie City cookies the best-selling food product per square inch in their store. This is the ultimate impulse sale. Your product will turn, turn, turn! Put a Prairie City Bakery Slant-Back Cookie Rack anywhere near your cash register, and it will be your #1 selling impulse item.

Our 3-tier rack is designed to show off three different cookie flavors at once, which, when full, holds about 27 cookies. The bottom pegs of this rack can even be used to hold our yummy Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes and Big 'N Fudgy Brownies. Download our Merchandising Solutions sheet for a variety of display options.

Psst… Prairie City Tip: Always keep the #1 flavor, Chocolatey Chunk Cookies, on the rack at all times and rotate through the other flavors. Do you sell a lot of cookies? Get a second rack FREE. Remember to rotate and refill daily. Nobody wants the last two.

The Grab-N-Go Pastry Racks

Create your own "can't-miss" Wrapped Pastries display. Feature the Prairie City Bakery and Dulce Pradera product lines in our 3-tier basket counter rack or our 6-tier basket floor rack.

Contact us for merchandising ideas and expert plan-o-gramming assistance and tools.  

Foodservice Display - Made Simple

Our attractive, acrylic bakery cases show off your Prairie City Bakery bulk product while keeping it fresh. Cases are available in 1 to 4 tiers, and come with appealing header cards, tongs, POS shelves, and individual product stickers for shelves.

With our bakery cases, you invest in the merchandiser, and we invest in you by giving you FREE product with your initial product purchase. When you sell the free product at your regular price, it helps to offset a portion of the cost of the case—now you’re in the bakery business with delicious, quality products.

Download our Bakery Case Order Form to get started.

Psst…Prairie City Tip: Our foodservice 4-packs are the perfect Bakery Case Solution, offering variety with just the right amount at the right time. Mix and match what sells best. No more waiting on a driver or having too little or too much product. Our program puts you in control of what and when products sell.

3 Warmers

Cookie Warmer Program 

What’s better than a Prairie City Bakery Cookie? A warm Prairie City Bakery Cookie! Now you can serve warm cookies all day with our simplified warmer program―ready in minutes.  Our 1.5oz and 1.25oz bulk cookies are designed especially for the warmers, and are packaged with pre-printed Warmer bags for smart merchandising—serve 2 cookies to a bag. Visit Our Products section for more information on Warmer Cookies.

Our branded warmer program offers 3 warmer sizes from which to choose: Small, Medium and Large. Download our Cookie Warmer Program Sell Sheet with Warmer Order Form for all the details.